The Building Division is responsible under the Building Act for the regulatory control of all building work (including plumbing) in the Invercargill and Bluff areas.

This is to ensure that substandard or inappropriate building materials or practices do not become a problem for building users, now or in the future. Among the division’s duties and responsibilities are processing and issuing building consents, building inspections and issuing code compliance certificates.

Building feedback

The Council’s Building Services team appreciates your feedback on all aspects of our work and the information we provide.

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Earthquake survey

The Council would like your feedback to help develop incentives for the strengthening of earthquake-prone buildings in Invercargill.

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Building forms

Information sheets, checklists and application forms related to Building Consents for Invercargill and Bluff are collated here.

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Building fees

Building consent fees are charged on a per square metre rate basis, which gives people more certainty when they are planning projects.

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