A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a document prepared by the Council to help with the information searching associated with buying or selling property. A buyer will gain additional information, which may help their decision making processing, by reading a LIM. A seller may benefit by being better equipped to answer questions from potential buyers.

Many lending institutes require a LIM before securing funding as the information may help them make their decision.

The Invercargill City Council has recently won an award from the Association of Local Government Information Managements for its LIM process.


A LIM contains:

A LIM does NOT include:

Information on rates including rateable valuation and amount of ratesA site inspection done by council
Zoning of landAny building permit or consent plans
Any special feature of the land including potential erosion, falling debris, sinking, slipping landfill, flooding or likely hazardous pollutants that the Council knows aboutInformation in relation to State Highways
Information on building permits
and building consents
Any decisions on adjacent property
Resource Consent informationNon-notified resource consent application in process on the subject site
Any notices or requisitions
affecting the land or buildings eg health
The Council does not hold any information concerning electricity and gas and telephone connections. Contact the relevant utility companies.
Drainage informationPlans for and activities on any Parks and Reserves in the vicinity of the property – contact Parks staff by phone (03) 219 9070  or email
Certificates issued by building certifiers
Information about Historic Places
Information about about 3 Waters – water supply, public and private stormwater drains and sewers
Information on known swimming pools
Any other information which the Council considers necessary

Use the following link to order a LIM.  Allow up to 10 working days for your application to be processed. If you require this in five days or under then indicate this on your application: a higher fee will apply.
NOTE: The appropriate fee must accompany your completed application before it can be processed. If you  post your application we recommend that you send a cheque payable to the Invercargill City Council. Otherwise you can pay by cash or Eftpos at the Council’s Invercargill or Bluff offices once the invoice has been generated.