Planning guides and forms

Guides and forms related to planning and resource management in are available here.


Please note the guides below relate only to the provisions of the Proposed District Plan, which came in to effect on 29 October 2016.  The Proposed District Plan is currently subject to appeal and so the provisions may yet change.  It also means that until such time as all appeals are resolved and the Proposed District Plan is beyond challenge, there will be provisions in the Operative District Plan that still have effect and that any land use and subdivision developments will need to take into consideration alongside the provisions of the Proposed District Plan.

Residential 1 and 1A Zones
Residential 2 Zone
Residential 3 Zone
Otatara Zones
Rural Zone

NOTE: The Building section of the website contains valuable related information.


Resource Management fees and charges 2016-2017 (see page 30)

Environment and heritage

City Centre Repainting Initiatives
Civic Plaques

Environment Award – information
Environment Citation – information


So You Want to Erect a Sign (guide)


Planning Hearing Procedures (guide)

Resource and Subdivision consents

Land Use Consent Application Form
Land Use Consent guide
Land Use Consent Checklist

Subdivision Consent Application Form (form and checklist)
Submission on an application (form)

Affected Persons Written Approval Form