The Council is required by law to consult with residents and ratepayers about certain aspects of its business. It encourages debate and viewpoints on all consultation documents as this helps the Council to make the best decisions possible based on the facts and research available at the time.

Dog Control Bylaw and Dog Control Policy

The Invercargill City Council is in the process of changing the Animal Control Bylaw and Dog Control Policy. These documents will be open for public consultation on Saturday, 4 April. The links below will take you to the new documents and the submission form, as well as the existing policy and bylaw.

Earlier consultations

Taha – storage of hazardous substances

 Taha Asia Pacific Limited has applied for resource consent to store 11,400 tonnes of Ouvea Premix for a five-year period at 9 Matheson Road, Kennington. Ouvea Premix is classified as a Class 6 Poisonous Substance under the Invercargill City District Plan. Submissions closed on 18 March 2015.  Related documents:

Draft Otago-Southland Regional Land Transport Plans

Southland and Otago residents had until Friday, 6 March 2015, to make submissions on the Draft Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans 2015-2021. Environment Southland and the Otago Regional Council have joined forces to create a single document that looks at the transport challenges facing both regions and the best way to align roading programmes. The plans include all proposed State Highway and council projects for Southland and Otago for the next six years. To get national funding over the next three years a transport project must be included in the plans.

  • Copies of the plans are available on the Environment Southland website. Hearing dates and locations are yet to be confirmed, but are likely to take place in the week beginning 16 March 2015. Copies of the final documents will be made available in August.

Rugby Park

Council invites people to have their say about proposed options for the Southland Outdoor Stadium (Rugby Park). Submissions closed on February 13, 2015.

The Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust is facing cash flow difficulties due to the impending repayment of loans to both the Community Trust of Southland and Rugby Southland, and maintenance costs for the Stadium.

Three options addressing the future of the Southland Outdoor Stadium have been presented to Council and it is seeking feedback by written submission on their preferred option.

Key documents

Extracted sections from the full consultation document:

Representation Review Advisory Panel

Council is looking for six local people to engage with the public and sit on an Advisory Panel for the Council’s 2015 Representation Review. The review includes how Councillors are elected and the need for Community Boards. Written expressions of interest referring to the skills listed above must be received by 5pm on Friday 13 February 2015, addressed to: The Manager – Strategy and Policy Invercargill City Council 101 Esk St Private Bag 90104 Invercargill 9840

Rating Policy for Maori Freehold Land

The Invercargill City Council has developed its Rating Policy for Maori Freehold Land. Submissions closed on Friday, 16 January 2015. Related documents

Subdivision: 41 Retreat Road

Resource consent is sought for subdivisions of 10,360 sq metres, 4372 sq metres and 4344 sq metres in the Rural Sub-Area (41 Retreat Road). The proposal includes construction of a sewer main along Retreat Road which will either be vested in the Council or retained in private ownership by the applicant. Submissions closed on December 12, 2014; note that a copy of a submission must also be served on the applicant. The documents:

Regional Public Transport Plan

Submission are invited on the Regional Public Transport Plan which establishes how Council intends to achieve an affordable, integrated, safe and sustainable land transport system. Related documents are listed below; submissions closed on December 5.

Uncalled capital: consultation reopened

Invercargill City Councillors have approved reopening the consultation process and the issuing of a Clarification Document. This Clarification Document outlines changes to the original proposal document; the practicable options under consideration; the implications of each option; and clarification of issues that had caused some public confusion. Public submissions on the uncalled capital proposal closed on Friday, November 14, 2014.