Child Youth and Family Friendly Policy
(see also the Friendly brand section of the website)

Dog Control Policy
(see also the Dog Control Bylaw on the Bylaws page)

Gambling: Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy
Gambling: Board (TAB) Venues Gambling Policy

Liability Management Policy

Local Alcohol Policy

Local Approved Products – Psychoactive Substances

Noise Control Policy

Rates Postponement Policy
Rates Remissions Policy

Resource Management Infringement Offences Policy

Significance and Engagement Policy

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Policy
See also: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles booking form

Building-related policies

Dangerous Buildings Policy

Earthquake Prone Buildings Policy

Insanitary Buildings Policy


Parks-related policies and strategies

Smoke Free Parks and Reserves Policy

Parks and Reserves Strategy

Dog Control Policy

Playground Strategy – 2014
The ICC Playground Strategy was adopted by Council on 19 August 2014 and any further details will be looked at through the Long Term Plan Process.