Tenders and/or calls for registration of interest are listed on this page. Unless stated otherwise, documents for current tenders are available from the Help Desk, Civic Administration Building, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill.


Out for tender

Contract 802: Mill Road North and Bond Street Stabilisation 2016-2017
Tenders close at 4pm on Friday, 2 December 2016


Pending decision (TBA)

Contract 776: Queens Park Foulsewer Renewal 2016-2017
Tenders closed on 2 November 2016 at 4pm.

Contract 793: – City Suburbs Watermain Renewal 2016-2017
Tenders closed on 18 November 2016 at 4pm

Contract 783 – Gala Street Stormwater Upgrade 2016
Tenders closed at 4pm on 8 July 2016.


Tenders let

Contract 791:  City Limits
Successful tender: Bond Contracts Limited. Tender price: $561,829.51

Contract 758 : Regent St drainage improvements and Price St seal widening
Successful tender:  Wilson Contractors. Tender price: $372,035.36

Contract 757Don Street Water Main Renewal
Successful tender: Fulton Hogan. Tender price: $626,839.85

Contract 756: Bluff AC Supply Main Filling
Tender not awarded.

Contract 755: Clifton WWTP – Emptying sludge lagoon No. 5
Successful tender:  MacDonald Excavating. Tender price: 127,470.00

Contract 753: Five-year Road Corridor Maintenance Contract
Successful tender: Fulton Hogan. Tender price: $4,797,038

Contract 752: Streetlight Upgrade 2015-2016
Successful tender: Network Electrical Servicing Ltd. Tender price: $277,220

Contract 751: Flora Road-Calypso Road Intersection Improvements
Successful tender: The Roading Company. Tender price $89,200

Contract 747: Nelson Street Stormwater Upgrade 2015-2016
Successful tender: Fulton Hogan. Tender price $424,349.05

Contract 743: Gorge Road – Invercargill Highway Rehabilitation 2015
Successful tender: The Roading Company. Tender price of $1,020,500

Contract 741: Branxholme Water Treatment Upgrade
Successful tender: UGL. Tender price: $9,701,060.15

Contract 735: City Suburbs Water Main renewal 
Successful tender: Wilson Contractors Ltd. Tender price: $389,424

Contract 734: Kew Road Water Main Renewal Stage 2
Successful tender: Bond Contracts Ltd. Tender price $326,370.70

Contract 733: Airport Avenue Water Main Upgrade 2015-2016
Successful tender: Wilson Contracting. Tender price $357,444.80

Contract 732:  Inner City Water Main Renewal
Successful tender: Fulton Hogan Ltd. Tender price $374,200.30

Contract 728: Bluff Trunk Main Asbestos Cement Main Renewal
Successful tender: Fulton Hogan. Tender price $360,136.59

Bluff Highway Kerb and Channel Installation
Successful tender: Central Western Roading Ltd. Tender price $62,208.20.

Contract 717: Kennington Area Foulsewer Scheme
Successful tender: Wilson Contractors. Tender price: $845,916.20