Tenders and/or calls for registration of interest are listed on this page. Unless stated otherwise, tender documents are available from the Help Desk, Civic Administration Building, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill.


Out for tender

Registration of Interest: Road Corridor  Maintenance Contract
Contract 753
Registrations of Interest are invited to be considered for selection for the Invercargill City Council’s five year Road Corridor Maintenance Contract involving the routine maintenance and repairs of Invercargill City’s roading assets and facilities. This includes approximately 483km of sealed rural and urban roads, 500km of footpaths, including the road sweeping, sump cleaning, CBD amenity cleaning, vegetation control and signs maintenance.  These works have an annual operating budget of approximately $5.2 million. Registration of Interest, name and contact details are to be emailed to eng.services@icc.govt.nz.  Tender documents are planned to be available from Tuesday, 1 March 2016 with a tender period closing on Monday, 4 April 2016.

  • Registration of Interest closes at 4pm on Friday, 12 February 2016. Inquiries to Rob Slater, Project Manager by phone 03 211 1687 or  email the project manager, Rob Slater, at his correct email address of robert.slater@icc.govt.nz



City Suburbs Water Main Renewal 2015-2016
Contract 735
Tenders are invited for the installation of approximately 825 metres of 100mm diameter and 60m of 150mm diameter pipe including all fixtures, fittings and associated works in Lamond Street, Islington Street and Otepuni Avenue. Tender documents may be obtained from the address above; tenders close at 4pm on Friday, 5 February 2016. Inquiries to Tim Joss, Project Manager on (03) 211 1443
or email Tim Joss


Regent Street Drainage Improvements and Price Street Seal Widening 2016
Contract 758
Tenders are invited  for  road drainage improvements on Regent Street including 1500m of subsoil drainage and 500m of kerb and channel, and the seal widening of Price Street including road construction, 200m of kerb and channel replacement and footpath replacement. Tender documents are available at the address above; tenders close at 4pm on Friday, 12 February 2016. For electronic copies of the documents email Tom Dolman; for inquiries phone him on 021 661 790 or use email him (address above).



Pending decision

Contract 755: Clifton WWTP – Emptying sludge lagoon No. 5
Tenders were invited for the emptying of the Clifton Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge Lagoon No. 5.  Tenders closed at 4pm on Friday, 18 December 2015.

Contract 717: Kennington Area Foulsewer Scheme
Tenders were invited for the installation of 2.3km of 150mm diameter foulsewer pipe and 370m of 65mm diameter rising main including all structures and associated works in the Kennington township area. Tenders closed at 4pm on Friday, 20 November 2015. 


Registration of interest – Streetlight upgrade 2015-2016
Registration of interest was invited to undertake the Invercargill Streetlight Upgrade.  The work includes the installation of Principal supplied luminaires, and supply and installation of poles and electrical cabling, connections into the existing electricity network, and other associated works. The closing date for registration of interest was 9 December 2015.



Tenders let


Bluff Highway Kerb and Channel Installation
Successful tenderer: Central Western Roading Ltd. Tender price $62,208.20.

Contract 728: Bluff Trunk Main Asbestos Cement Main Renewal
Successful tenderer: Fulton Hogan. Tender price $360,136.59

Contract 732:  Inner City Water Main Renewal
Successful tenderer: Fulton Hogan Ltd. Tender price $374,200.30

Contract 733: Airport Avenue Water Main Upgrade 2015-2016
Successful tenderer: Wilson Contracting. Tender price $357,444.80

Contract 734: Kew Road Water Main Renewal Stage 2
Successful tenderer: Bond Contracts Ltd. Tender price $326,370.70

Contract 743: Gorge Road – Invercargill Highway Rehabilitation 2015
Successful tenderer: The Roading Company. Tender price of $1,020,500

 Contract 745: Jed-Ythan Stormwater Upgrade 2015-2016
Successful tenderer: Provincial Drainage Ltd. Tender price $742,308.28

Contract 747: Nelson Street Stormwater Upgrade 2015-2016
Successful tenderer: Fulton Hogan. Tender price $424,349.05

Contract 751: Flora Road-Calypso Road Intersection Improvements
Successful tenderer: The Roading Company. Tender price $89,200