15-day appeal period for South City McDonald’s

A decision by Independent Commissioner Bob Nixon regarding the granting of resource consent to build and operate a new McDonald’s drive-in restaurant in South City has been released and the newly granted application is now within its appeal period.

Click for a larger image of the restaurant

The applicant and submitters have 15 working days within which they can appeal the decision to the Environment Court, says Council Planning Manager,Terence Boylan.

“If no appeal is made, McDonald’s is able to commence the development on the corner site of Bowmont Street and Elles Road,” he said.

“When the consent was granted it included several conditions which covered matters such as nuisance during construction, landscaping and fencing, the collection of rubbish and litter management, and the hours of operation. At the Hearing held by Mr Nixon on December 17 last year, McDonald’s provided revised plans that reduced the original proposed signage, as the company recognised that the outlet will be within a residential area,” Mr Boylan said. “The new development will be one of only three McDonald’s in New Zealand which does not feature the `golden arches’.”