WasteNet tackles the Dirty Dozen

WasteNet Southland and Southland disAbility Enterprises are celebrating Southland Recycle Week 2016 by launching the Dirty Dozen campaign: 12 rules for yellow bins.

Nappies, food waste, rubber bike tubes, umbrellas, roofing iron, wood, metal tools, animal carcases, gas bottles, ammunition, clothing and garden waste are just some of the unexpected and unwanted products coming across the sort line at the Southland disAbility Enterprises recycling facility.

Dirty Dozen recycling rules“It is disappointing that five years after the yellow recycling bins where introduced into Southland, residents are still getting it wrong and placing staff at Southland disAbility Enterprises at risk,” said Malcolm Loan, Drainage and Solid Waste Manager, Invercargill City Council. “It is hoped that by introducing these 12 rules people will be more aware of the do’s and don’ts of recycling.

Donna Peterson, Senior Waste Officer for WasteNet Southland, noted: “It is very common for people to bundle or tie up their recycling in plastic bags, however this is not the behaviour we want. Rule 12 highlights the behaviour we do want: keep it loose by placing recyclables into the yellow bin loose, not stacked inside one another, in a box or in plastic bags (this excludes shredded paper).”