Advice for potential election candidates

Local Government New Zealand wants potential candidates to get ahead of the game and start thinking now about running for their upcoming local authority elections.

Malcolm Alexander, the organisation’s Chief Executive, said standing for election to local authorities was an incredible opportunity for people to have their say about the issues that affect their community directly and to develop their leadership skills. “While candidate nominations open from 15 July 2016, we want potential candidates to start thinking about their future in local government now, so they have all the support and information they need ahead of the election,” he said.

Mr Alexander said ensuring elected representatives had the abilities, diversity of skills and training to respond to major community issues was an important part of a successful election process.

“Providing communities with a choice of candidates that they feel confident will make the best decisions for their area is vital,: he said. “We also hope that a pool of competent and passionate candidates will drive even more citizens to vote this year.”

The goal of Local Government New Zealand’s national Vote2016 campaign is to lift nationwide voter turnout in local elections to more than 50 per cent, which would be a first since the 1980s.

The campaign will showcase the value local government provides to communities across the country, with a strong focus on inspiring more New Zealanders to vote, and building a pool of skilled candidates to stand in their communities.

Significant support, including governance training and guidance through a professional development programme, is provided for newly elected members, and ensures a consistent level of capability across the sector.

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