Alcohol licensing

The Invercargill District Licensing Committee is responsible for considering and determining licence applications, renewals, variations, suspensions and cancellations in accordance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. It is also responsible for considering and determining applications for temporary authority and conducting inquiries and making reports to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing

An Invercargill District Licensing Committee (DLC) has been formed as part of the new Act which is designed to ensure that the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol is undertaken safely and responsibly, and that the harm caused by  excessive and inappropriate consumption of alcohol is minimised.


What does the DLC do?

  • The DLC function is to consider alcohol licensing matters within the Invercargill District. It decides on all applications and variations for uncontested licenses and certificates.
  • Uncontested matters will usually be heard by the DLC chairman. When there are objections to applications or variations they may be referred to a hearing before the DLC.  A Hearing Committee will normally consist of the Chairperson and two Members.  Any applicant dissatisfied with the decision or conditions of a licence or certificate has the right to request a hearing.  Again, the Committee will be made up of a Chairperson and two Members.
  • The DLC will decide if special licenses can be varied, suspended or cancelled, and if other licenses can be varied. It will also refer matters to the District Licensing Authority (a higher governing body) if it considers that to be the right course of action.

Applications and fees

People applying for a special licence to sell alcohol now have to lodge their application at least 20 working days before the start of the special event. Council Environmental Health Manager John Youngson notes: “Council has to send all applications to the Police and the Medical Officer of Health giving them 15 days to respond. That leaves just five days for Council staff to complete the application process.” New applications filed after December 18, 2013, with regards to On Licences, Off Licences and Club Licences are subject to the new Act.

Licensing application forms and information sheets  (For more information phone the District Licensing Committee Administrator on (03) 211 1777 or email


Invercargill District Licensing Committee members

The Invercargill City Council, Southland District Council and Gore District Council recognise the benefits of working together and have appointed a number of members from all three Districts:

Chair: Cr Darren Ludlow
Deputy Chair: Cr Lindsay Abbott
Members: Cr Rebecca Amundsen, Cr Toni Biddle, Cliff Bolger, Nicky Davis, George Harpur and Dianne Ridley.


Alcohol licensing fees and charges

Use the link below for a printable three-page document about the fees and how to calculate them, and answers to commonly asked questions. Note that these fees, which are set by the Government, overtake the fees published in the Council’s 2013-2014 Annual Plan.


Alcohol ban

Drinking alcohol in the central business district is banned 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, possession of alcohol in the CBD is banned – with certain exemptions. See the alcohol ban page for details and related links.


Public Notices – Alcohol

Public Notices relating to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 are available on this page.

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Alcohol licences for summer events

If you are holding an event this summer that will require a special alcohol licence, apply as soon as possible or you risk missing out.

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District Licensing Committee hearings

District Licensing Committee hearings

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Licensing forms

Forms relating to new and renewal applications for on/off licences, club licences, managers certificates and special licences.

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Licensing decisions

Licensing decisions made by the DLC are listed by licence type and date. You can request copies of decisions by contacting the licensing team.

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Licensing objections

Licensing objections must be filed with the DLC within 15 working days of the first public notice announcing an application has been made.

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