Alcohol ban – CBD

There is a 24/7 ban on drinking alcohol in public places within the Invercargill Central Business District. Possessing alcohol and transporting alcohol in the areas are also banned, with certain exemptions. The ban was introduced in the interests of public safety and crowd control.

Details of the affected areas, exemptions, police powers, and offences and penalties are contained in the Environmental Health Bylaw (pages 11-12).

Parks and reserves

The ban also includes:

  • Gala Street Reserve (defined as being bounded by Queens Drive, Gala Street, Dee Street, Victoria Ave, and continuing on a straight line east from Victoria Ave to Queens Drive).
  • Henderson Gardens (corner of Leet and Kelvin Streets).
  • Otepuni Gardens (defined as being bounded by Forth Street, Queens Drive, Tyne Street and Nith Street; and the Park defined as being bounded by Wood Street, Clyde Street, Forth Street and Nith Street).
  • Town Belt, Queens Drive (part of the park defined as being bounded by Queens Drive, Elles Road, Tweed Street, Ness Street, Doon Street and Gala Street. Inclusive of the Water Tower Reserve, Otakaro Park, and Doon Street Reserve).
  • Wachner Place (20 Dee Street).

Contact the Council’s Alcohol Licensing Department for more information or to inquire about applying for a special licence/exemption to the ban (for events such as a street party in an area affected by the ban).