Licensing decisions

District Licensing Committee decisions on Special Licences are listed on this page:

All Licence and Certificate decisions are available for view at the Council offices; phone 03 2111 777 to speak to a member of the Alcohol Licensing team.

To view a decision on a Manager’s Licence email the licensing staff.


Types of licence

On Licence: An On Licence is required where alcohol will be consumed on the premises. The licence may include all or part of the premises and could be a restaurant, tavern, hotel, function centre, cafe or entertainment venue.

Off Licence: Off Licences allow a licensee to sell alcohol that will be consumed somewhere else. Free samples can be supplied for consumption on the premises. Grocery stores and supermarkets may also have an off licence provided they are outside the Invercargill Licensing Trust area.

Club Licence: Club Licences allow sporting or recreational venues, a body corporate whose object is not for profit and permanent club charters to serve alcohol to a member of the club, a guest of the member, or a person who is a member of a club that has reciprocal visiting rights.