Animal Services

What does a day in the life of our Animal Control team involve?

  • We do our best to make sure that all dogs are registered, as required by the Dog Control Act 1996. Over 8,000 dogs are registered in Invercargill.
  • We respond when we receive reports or complaints about barking, wandering or aggressive dogs.
  • When there has been a dog attack, we interview the victims and the owner of the dog, and we may be required to provide evidence about the attack in Court.
  • We educate dog owners about dog behaviour, including what to do about barking, wandering and aggressive dogs.
  • We run Invercargill’s Animal Control Facility on Lake Street. We try to return dogs home for their first offence, although sometimes other factors mean we have to take them to the Animal Care Facility.
  • We respond to complaints from members of the public when they are concerned about the behaviour of a dog.
  • We run programmes in schools and workplaces on keeping safe around dogs.
  • We check up on wandering stock.
  • We can also provide advice on the keeping of poultry and bees, and when people have problems with rodents or wasps etc.

There are four Animal Control Officers employed at the Council, along with a Team Leader and an Animal Care Facility Assistant.


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