Dog complaints

Barking dogs – and what happens when I complain?

Living close to a barking dog can be a real nuisance, especially if it happens during the hours when you would like to be sleeping.

Here is some advice about what to do if you have a barking dog in your neighbourhood.
A barking dog is annoying me


Wandering dogs

A wandering dog behaves differently in unfamiliar places and is more likely to attack and bite. Our Animal Control Officers are asked to pick up any dogs they see on the streets, or when they receive reports of a wandering dog.
I have noticed a wandering dog


Safety around dogs

If you are approached by a dog and you feel threatened or uneasy, stand still, look at your feet and not the dog, and cross your arms in front of you. Then when the dog moves away, just walk backwards quietly and slowly away. And check the other tips:
How can I be safe around dogs?


I have been attacked by a dog

Phone (03) 211 1777 immediately! The Council’s Animal Services team takes reports of dog attacks very seriously, and will always investigate them. The person you speak with will take some details, and pass on your complaint to an investigating officer. We will dispatch an officer immediately when we hear from you.
Dog attacks


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Dog complaints

Advice covering barking dogs, wandering dogs, how to be safe around them – and what to do if attacked.

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