Dog forms, guides

The Dog Owner Manual

The Dog Owner Manual  booklet includes   information about Responsible Dog Owners Status, dog ownership, registration, dog control, microchipping, menacing and dangerous dogs, restricted breeds, barking dogs, exercise, prohibited areas (no dogs allowed), controlled areas (where dogs must be on a lead), controlled areas (where dogs can be exercised off the lead),  maps, parks where dogs can be exercised off the lead, and how to avoid being the victim of a dog attack. NOTE: Dogs with a known infectious disease are not allowed in public places. This is a serious offence and is in breach of the Dog Control Act.

Dog licences and  the Responsible Owner policy

See the Dog Owner Manual for information about Dog Licences and the Responsible Owner policy and how to apply for Responsible Owner status (Responsible Owners pay a reduced registration fee).
Responsible Owner Application Form

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