Bluff Community Board votes to reinstate Ray Fife as chair

A lot has happened in Bluff in the past nine years, but Community Board chairman Ray Fife believes this upcoming term might be the most exciting yet.

On November 28, at the inaugural meeting of the new Bluff Community Board, Fife was reinstated as chairman for his fourth term.

Fife and Tammi Topi are the only members of the previous board to be re-elected, while Justin Sutherland, Terina Stockwell and Sam Graham have been welcomed in their first terms.

“It’s an honour and a privilege to be welcomed back as chair and I’m really looking forward to working with the new Board,” Fife said.

“It’s going to be a busy three years but I believe the new Board is certainly up for the challenge.”

Plenty is happening in Bluff with work already underway on Bluff Hill Motupōhue Recreational Precinct, which will result in mountain bike and shared paths, as well as toilets and expansion of car
parks, he said.

There were also plans in place to upgrade the Bluff boat ramp.

It was an exciting time for Bluff with so much happening, and the new board members were already bringing plenty of fresh, new ideas to the table, Fife said.

“It’s great, everyone is brimming with ideas. It will mean some good, robust conversations around the table and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the next three years.”

There would be plenty to look forward to as the new board got into the swing of things, he said.

The next Bluff Community Board meeting will take place in February 2023.