Bond Street roadworks

Work to stabilise the road surface on Bond Street between Clyde Annan Streets started on Monday (13 March) and is expected to finish on Wednesday (15 March).

Council Roading Manager Russell Pearson said the road had deformed over the years but that was expected, given that it was built on reclaimed land.

“We have seen some ruts and potholes with cracking starting, so the repairs are necessary,” he said. “Bond Street is our Heavy Traffic Bypass and it does take heavy loads. We are looking to make sure the road is able to deliver the necessary standards.

“The project will be using foamed bitumen stabilisation which strengthens the existing base gravels of the road,” Mr Pearson said. “This will help the road surface from further deterioration and will remove the depressions as the surface is reshaped and sealed.”

The road will be closed to traffic between Clyde Street and Annan Street until Wednesday; traffic diversions are in place.