Bringing the ‘wow’ back to Invercargill’s city centre

Urban design specialists are on the case in Invercargill, with investigations on how to bring the ‘wow’ back to our city centre underway.

Invercargill City Council has engaged Isthmus Group to develop a master plan for the city centre, which will give direction on what Council can do to return vibrancy and connectivity to our CBD.

Chief Executive Clare Hadley said ratepayers and Council were looking for transformational change for the city centre.

“Part of this is making sure existing businesses and new developments are linked within the heart of our CBD,” Mrs Hadley said.

“The ongoing developments are vital to the economic future of the city, drawing people and future investment to the region.

“But this is just one piece of the puzzle. We need to make sure our surrounding infrastructure like street layout, furniture, and access ways support an inclusive and bustling CBD,” she said.

The master plan will provide recommendations on how Council can enhance the streetscape of the city centre – creating places where people want to meet up, perhaps have a coffee, and explore their favourite shops and businesses.

Isthmus Group will build on, update and revitalise previous plans.

During the next six months, Isthmus Group will engage with key stakeholders and businesses to understand our current space, and to hear ideas for the future.

Initial workshops with key stakeholders begin this week, and it is expected that a formal proposal will be presented to Council by the end of 2020.

Council has set aside up to $20 million for the streetscape work as part of the Long-Term Plan, and previously approved up to $250,000 for a design specialist to undertake the work Isthmus Group has begun.

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