Book an inspection

How to book an inspection

Building inspections can be booked by:

  • Contacting our Customer Services team on 03 211 1777
  • GoBuild Mobile App – Link to the GoBuild Mobile App for Booking Inspections below
  • Completing the online inspection form

Attention: You will receive a copy of the information you provided to Council after submitting the form, however we will contact you to confirm your booked inspection.

Inspections are undertaken Monday – Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm (excluding public holidays).

Bluff on-site inspections are carried out on Monday mornings.


You must provide the following information when booking an inspection:

  • site address;
  • building consent number;
  • name and telephone number of contact person on site;
  • email address of where the site inspection result will be sent to.
  • date the inspection is required and your preference of morning or afternoon
  • type of inspection, i.e. Floor Slab, Preline Building, Postline interior linings.
  • If RBW please provide the name of the relevant LBP’s including their licence number.


GoBuild Mobile App for Booking Inspections

GoBuild, has been designed to simplify the process of booking a building inspection. GoBuild enables an inspection request to be sent from your phone.

GoBuild is a free app that can easily be downloaded onto any mobile device. After downloading, users enter the name of their council then follow the instructions to create a booking request. Once the inspection has been booked by Council, the details will show in the GoBuild app.

Download GoBuild to your mobile device:


Remote building inspections

The building department performs some building inspections for local builders remotely via smartphone videocall.

Remote building inspections are performed over WhatsApp (download from Google Play or Apple App Store). It’s fast, simple, secure and there is no cost to you.


When an inspection is booked with us, we will advise whether a remote inspection is available for your specific inspection request.


How do I cancel a booked inspection

Please contact us on 03 2111 777 to cancel an inspection that is booked. Please note that there may be a cancellation fee for inspections cancelled after 4.00pm the day prior to the inspection.


Building inspection FAQ

Q. How do I book my inspection?

A. You can contact our Customer Services team on 03 211 1777 or email us your request at You can also use the GoBuild App or complete the inspection request below.

Our Customer Services Team will take your inspection booking and advise you if the inspection will be carried out on-site or remotely.

Q. How much notice do I get?

A. We will send an Inspection Booking Reminder to you via text SMS message or email the day prior to your inspection.

Remote Inspections – On the day of the inspection you will be contacted a minimum of 30 minutes before your inspection by your inspector to advise that you are next up and ensure you are ready for the remote setup.

On Site Inspections – On the day of the inspection you will be contacted by the inspector.

Q. Will I need my consented documents on site?

A. Yes you will as it makes communication easier. The inspector will be able to guide you quickly to the areas to be viewed and inspected.

Q. What will happen during a remote inspection?

A. The inspector will phone using the video capability of WhatsApp and introduce themselves to you.

If needed, the inspector will advise you how to use the camera functions on your cell phone to get the best results. This will include how to change the view and which format either portrait or landscape to hold the cell phone while showing the image.

Then it is a simple matter of following directions to allow the inspector to be satisfied on reasonable grounds that building work completed meets the requirements of the building consent.

Q. How long will a remote inspection take?

A. Generally, the inspections are quicker than an onsite inspection as all the recording of the inspection is done after the video has finished.


Information about Inspections

NOTE: The Building Regulation Services team has prepared an information booklet covering the process of booking inspections and the types of inspections. Here’s the link: Building Inspections information

Booking an inspection? Refer to the inspection checklist for items that typically get checked (as of 16 June 2021).