Building complaints

When you want to raise a concern about our service

Feedback, both positive and negative, provides the Council with a first-hand account of your views and experience, and can highlight areas we might otherwise miss. We can take action when necessary, and review how we can improve our service to customers.

The Regulatory Services section of the Council has written a procedure to help you when you decide to make a complaint about our actions and behaviours. This makes sure that your concerns are dealt with fairly and consistently, and that all parties to the complaint feel heard, understood and respected.

How to contact us:

  • Phone:  (03) 211 1777
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Letter: Invercargill City Council, Private Bag 90104, Invercargill 9840
  • In person: Civic Administration Building, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill  (it is good to phone first so that we can make sure that you speak with the right person)

Before we can investigate your complaint, you will need to put it in writing.

When you should complain

  • You believe that we have failed to provide you with a satisfactory service
  • You are dissatisfied with a policy or decision that we have enforced
  • You are unhappy with the behaviour or attitude of an employee

 When a complaint is not appropriate

  • The issue is before a Court or a Tribunal, or the Court or Tribunal has already made a decision
  • You ask us to reconsider a complaint when we have already given you our final decision.
  • When you refuse to give your name. The Council does not receive anonymous complaints. We have strict guidelines around confidentiality, and we do not give out your details without your permission.


Important points

  • Your complaint will be processed by an independent complaints team.
  • If your complaint is against a senior staff member, it will be managed by the Chief Executive. Complaints about elected representatives are directed to the Mayor.
  • Staff members must declare if they have a conflict of interest.
  • All complaints are kept confidential.
  • Complaints are peer reviewed by a Director or the Chief Executive to make sure that the final decision is fair, reasonable and unbiased.