Application Forms


πŸ“Click Here to Lodge a Building Consent

Building Consent Application Guidance
Solid Fuel, Oil and Diesel Burner Application Guidance

Fire service checklists
See also the MBIE’s Building Performance website for advice
on applying for Building Consents

To submit 3rd party verification / evidence in place of inspections for building work
Form: AF3P 3rd Party Verification
No work may commence prior to the 3rd party verification application approval.


Minor Variations and Amendments
How to: Request a minor variation
Form: Minor Variation application


Amendments can only be used for changes that fit within the scope of the original consent.  When applying for an amendment please provide a cover sheet clearly identifying all changes (old/new plan numbers) using revision clouds or similar with updated revision numbers/dates. We will not accept previously stamped approved plans/specifications.


To submit information about work which is exempt
from needing a building consent

Form: Discretionary Exemption Building Consent Form
Form: Notification of Work Completed Under Schedule 1


Building work that does not require a building consent


When the building method varies from the acceptable solutions,
an alternative solution may be considered
Form: Alternative Solution Details – SBGC34


Application for a waiver or modification
Form: SBCG 23-1 Waiver or modification. See Other SCCG forms on this page


Do you need a new water connection for this property?
Water Services Connection


Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) and final sign off

Apply for Code Compliance Certificate
Form: Code Compliance Certificate Form 6

If consent is issued, but no CCC has been given
Form: Agreement – Residential Property Developer and Purchaser – Form 1
Note: This is an agreement between the  Buyer and Seller

Durability Modification application
2020 Code Compliance Certificates for Building Consents over 5 Years Old
If consent was issued more than 5 years ago a durability modification will be required:
B107 – Durability Modification application form

If no consent was issued you may apply for a certificate of acceptance. These have similarities to a code compliance certificate to confirm certain building work complies with the building code.
Form: Certificate of Acceptance – Form 8


Demolition or removal of a house

Demolition of a house
Checklist – Demolition – Relocation off-site
Demolition – sealing sewer and stormwater drains

Removal of a house
Checklist – Relocate Building on to a site
Drainage Information Sheet

Disconnect Water when demolishing or removing
Form: Water Disconnection Application

Sealing off service
Form: Sealing off services for demolition or relocation of a building

You may also need to apply for a Resource Consent.


Commercial buildings undergoing alterations

Any commercial alterations may trigger the need for additional work under section 112 of the Building Act 2004.

Gap Analysis Table – Section 112
Accessible Facilities prompt sheet

You may need to undergo a Change of Use, even if no building work is being done
under section 115 of the Building Act 2004

Change of Use Notification – Checklist
Change of Use – Notification
Change of Use – Gap Analysis Table
See also the MBIE’s Building Performance website for advice
on Change of Use and Alterations


Sections 112 and 115 of the Building Act 2004 will require a study  of accessible  facilities
Guidance: Accessible Facilities prompt sheet

If you want to open a building to the public, before you have a CCC, you may need to  get a Certificate of Public Use

Form: Application for Certificate for Public Use
Checklist/guide: Checklist for Certificate for Public Use

Work is not going to proceed

If work hasn’t started and you wish to cancel the Building Consent
Form: Request to Withdraw Consent

If there is some form of dispute and you would like a determination
by the Ministry  for Business, Innovation and Employment
Form: Application for Determination – Form 14


Miscellaneous Forms and Checklists

View a Property File
To learn more visit the LIMs page.
Email to request a property file.

Drainage Information used to supply information to the ICC
Form: Drainage Information Sheet

As-Built Drainage and Sewerage House Connection Plan
Form: As-built Drainage and Sewerage Connection Plan

Hoardings, Scaffold and Gantries in Street
Application forms are available in the Roading section.

Skips or Containers in the street need approval
Application forms are available in the Roading section.

Does your spa or swimming pool require a fence?
New pool safety legislation came into effect on 1 January 2017; check the details on this MBIE website page. Form to come.

Vehicle crossings
Application forms and information sheets (which include the names of registered contractors) are available in the Roading section.

Marquee Checklist

Contact the Water Services Team on (03) 211 1777 if you have any questions relating to these forms
Water Services – Connection
Water Services – Disconnection
Sealing off services for demolition or relocation of a building

PIM and/or Building Consent
Application for PIM and/or Building Consent – Form 2 (Paper Application)