Calculate fees for your project

Two spreadsheets are available above to help you calculate the initial fee for your building consent – one for residential work and one for commercial work. To use the spreadsheets you will need to have Microsoft Office Excel 1997 or later on your computer.

Open the relevant file (if a message box pops up saying the sheet is locked for editing – click “Read Only”) and save a copy to your computer. You can then fill in the square metre floor area of the areas affected by the building work (where applicable) and/or any flat rate fees and the estimated value of work. The spreadsheet will calculate an initial building consent fee for you.

When you have finished the calculation, print the form – either on paper or as a PDF – as it will need to accompany your building consent application. This fee will be checked for accuracy by the Duty Vetting Officer when your building consent application arrives at Council.

The spreadsheets contain comments to give you some guidance while you are filling in the spreadsheet – hover the mouse over a cell with a red triangle in the corner to see the comment. The Duty Vetting Officer is available for fee inquiries and any inquiries or issues relating to these spreadsheets; phone (03) 211 1777 or email If you would like to check a fee calculation, email a copy of the completed spreadsheet to the Duty Vetting Officer for comment along with a copy of the floor plan of the building and a brief description of the work to be carried out.

Residential Fee Calculation Sheet
Commercial Fee Calculation Sheet