Licensed Building Practitioners

Restricted Building Work came into effect on March 1, 2012. It applies to most residential building or renovation work and only a Licensed Building Practitioner can undertake or supervise the work.

It is the responsibility of the owner prior to starting a building consent project at either design or construction stage to ensure that the people they employ are competent to undertake the proposed work.

The owner should check that the person is legally allowed to carry out the work proposed – ask to see their registration/Licence  card and check that their registration/Licence  is current by looking them up on the appropriate register.  It is also wise to check on the register that there are no disciplinary actions being taken against them.

  • LBP Notification Form Use to advise the Building Consent Authority of the Licensed Building Practitioners who are to undertake the restricted building work. Note that the details must be personal details, not company details.

Even though a person may be on a register, it is still the responsibility of the owners/agents to check that the person is working within the scope of their registration.  If the register does not define the scope of work they are allowed to do, contact the person in charge of the register and get confirmation that the person you plan to employ is approved to do this type of work.

The following links are to registers that are required by law:


  1. Chartered professional engineers, registered architects and certified plumbers are deemed to be licensed under the
    LBP scheme with regard to restricted building work.
    2. The Invercargill City Council is not responsible for the choice of designers or tradespeople by owners or agents of the owners; nor for the accuracy of information provided by these public registers. Contact the organisation in charge of the relevant register if you have queries or problems.

Related forms

Statutory Declaration as to Owner-Builder

The Statutory declaration as to owner-builder status form is used to show that the owner-builder criteria are met. It is for owner-builders who want to use the Owner-Builder Exemption, allowing them to carry out Restricted Building Work on their own home.

The form contains criteria that must be met and signed by homeowners wanting to use the Owner-Builder Exemption. It must also be witnessed and signed by a Justice of the Peace or someone else authorised by law do so. This form needs to be given to Council with an application for a building consent, or before the construction Restricted Building Work starts.

Notice of Owner-Builder form

The Notice of Owner-Builder form is to be used during the construction process when the Owner-Builder starts or stops using the Owner-Builder Exemption. It is for Owner-Builders who want to use the Owner-Builder Exemption, allowing them to carry out Restricted Building Work on their own home.

Please follow the link below to the MBIE website for further guidance and forms.