A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a document prepared by the Council to help provide useful information to those buying or selling property. A buyer will gain additional information, which might help their decision making process; a seller might benefit by being better equipped to answer questions from potential buyers.

The information covered within a LIM is normally more detailed than what can be viewed on a property file alone. It includes checks by various Council departments and aims to tell you what you might want to know before buying a property. It is a desktop assessment of the property and does not involve a site visit.

In 2016 the Council changed its LIM process to provide a more thorough and useful document than what was previously produced. This change resulted in an award being presented to Council from the Association of Local Government Information Management.


Applying for a LIM online

1. All completed applications received after noon will be lodged but the statutory timeframe will not start until the following working day.
2. Make sure that you have the correct address, because we cannot give you a refund. Use Invercargill Maps to make sure that you are right.
3. No invoice will be generated from this online process unless you are a registered user.
4. Click the link to start an online LIM application


Applying by downloaded form

You can also apply for a LIM by downloading and completing a printable form.


What’s in a LIM?

Our LIMs have six sections as outlined below:

Property information: This covers things such as the title, property size, easements, shared services or driveways and information which may relate to rates owning in relation to the land.
Special features and characteristics of the land: This section is done by our Resource Management team and provides information on ground and site conditions such as liquefaction, seismic information, subsidence, erosion and flooding risk. It also provides information relating to the property in terms of resource consents and the Invercargill District Plan.

Works and Services: This is completed by our Engineering team and provides information on Council’s stormwater and sewerage drains as well as private drainage connection information where known. It also gives information on the drinking water where the property is connected to the Council’s water supply.

Building: Our Building Services team will summarize permits and building consents which have been issued for this property. Any that are not signed off will be identified as well as any notices or compliance matters that are outstanding. For commercial property if the building is subject to a Building Warrant of Fitness this will be identified. If there has been a building notified as being a ‘leaky building’ through the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006 then this will also be identified. Copies of floor plans and drainage plans will be provided where these are on file.

Environmental: The Environmental Health team will outline any alcohol or health licences applicable to the property. They will also identify if there are any compliance matters against the property such as overgrown sections or noise issues.

Other information, explanatory notes and attachments: This relates to items such as Environment Southland’s clean air areas, rubbish and recycling information and any other information which the Council considers, at its discretion, to be relevant.


Property Files

Council is nearing completion of the property file digitisation project. Due to transitional challenges we are currently experiencing delays in accessing some electronic and physical files.

We will continue to supply those files which already digitised in short time frames.  For property files not yet digitised, wait times will be longer. We will contact you if the delay will go beyond 5 working days, and may request that you view the physical file in person at Te Hīnaki – Civic Building, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill.

If you are requesting a LIM these will still be processed within the 10 working days, and urgent drainage plan requests can also continue to be processed. We will do these as quickly as we can, although there may be some delays.

We will be working very hard to try and meet your needs during this transition and thank you in advance for your patience.

Council is working to digitise its property files and is well on the way to completing this with 65% of its files now digitised and only 15% of files remaining on site.

To meet the ever increasing high demand, we are still working on a dual approach to supply property file information but have reviewed the timeframes in providing this service.

The way you request a property file has not changed, however to reduce the level of impact on staff a digitised property file or property file in the process of digitisation will be provided to you via email within 5 working days.

We will contact you if:

  • your file is expected to take longer than the 5 working days – due to the size or complexity of the file
  • the physical property file is still on site, we will contact you within one working day to arrange a date for you to view the file at the building counter

Please note we only hold files at the building counter for 24 hours, as files are being manifested for scanning and being relocated in preparation for scanning off site.


Requesting a property file

You can request a property file by email, by phone, or in person:

Email with:

  • your contact name and phone number
  • specific information you require, e.g. current floor plan only, drainage plan etc or if only require the property inquiry sheet listing consents recorded against the property
  • If your request is urgent, e.g. drainage plan required for plumber to resolve a plumbing issue – we will prioritise your request and provide as soon as possible

Phone Customer Services on 03 2111 777

Visit us at Te Hīnaki – Civic Building, 101 Esk Street, and submit a request.