SBCG forms

Southern Building Controls Group

The Southern Building Controls Group works to share information and resources. The building control managers meet regularly to discuss issues and promote good practice.

SBCG Resource Sharing Agreement (updated July 2018)
SBCG Memorandum of Understanding (updated July 2018)

To ensure some consistency in the building consent process all councils have agreed to use the same format on the building consent application form including waiver and alternative solution forms.

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ICC Compliance Schedule/Specified Systems

All applications submitted after 1 October 2020 should be provided on the ICC compliance schedule and specified system forms.

SBCG 27 Compliance Schedule Specified Systems Form

Specified system form for building consent applications

Specified system form for CCC applications or amended compliance schedules

Specified system guidance for building consent applications

Specified system guidance for CCC & Amendments


SBCG Compliance Schedule/Specified Systems


SBCG 11 Application for Amendment to Compliance Schedule
SBCG 27 Compliance Schedule Specified Systems Form

SS 1  Automatic Systems for Fire Suppression
SS 2 Emergency Warning Systems

SS 3.1 Automatic Doors 
SS 3.2 Access Controlled Doors
SBCG SS3.3 Interfaced Fire or Smoke Doors or Windows
SS 4 Emergency Lighting Systems
SS 5 Escape Route Pressurisation Systems
SS 6 Riser Mains
SS 7 Automatic Backflow Preventers
SS 8.1 Passenger Carrying Lifts
SS 8.2 Service Lifts
SS 8.3 Escalators and Moving Walks
SS 9 Mechanical Ventilation or Air Con Systems
SS 10 Building Maintenance Units
SS 11 Laboratory Fume Cupboards
SS 12.1 Audio Loops
SS 12.2 FM Radio Frequency
SS 13.1 Mechanical Smoke Control
SS 13.2 Natural Smoke Control
SS 13.3 Smoke Curtains
SS 14.1 Emergency Power Systems 1-13
SS 14.2 Signs for Systems 1-13
SS 15.1 Systems for Communicating Evacuation
SS 15.2 Final Exits
SS 15.3 Fire Separations
SS 15.4 Signs for Facilitating Evacuation
SS 15.5 Smoke Separations
SS 16 Cable Cars