Warrant of Fitness and IQPs

Buildings with specified systems (alarms etc) installed have ongoing requirements through the Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) regime. These will be commercial buildings unless the specified system is a cable car installed in a dwelling.

A Building Warrant of Fitness (Form 12) is a statement from the building owner confirming that the systems in the building have been checked and the inspection and maintenance required (stated in the compliance schedule) for the building has complied for the previous 12 months.

NOTE: The Building Warrant of Fitness forms are available on the
SBCG forms page (Southern Building Control Group).

After a new building is constructed or existing building altered, Council will issue building owners with a compliance schedule covering the maintenance, inspection and reporting requirements for any specified systems in the building.

The building owner is responsible for ensuring the requirements of the compliance schedule are met. The owner has to use independent people to check the systems. The owner pays for an Independent Qualified Person (see below) to inspect and maintain the buildings specified systems.

Each year on the anniversary date of the compliance schedule building owners will need to supply the Council with a Building Warrant of Fitness. Once all the correct information is received and processed, an invoice for the Administration charges related to the documentation will be sent by the Council.

In addition the owner must supply Council with a signed copy of Form 12A. Form 12A is signed by an Independent Qualified Person for each specified system listed on the Compliance Schedule. The building owner must publicly display the Building Warrant of Fitness on the premises.

Independent Qualified Persons (IQPs)

All registered South Island Independent Qualified Persons (IQPs) personnel are recorded on the IQP Register administered by Timaru District Council. Use the following link to search for an IQP:

IQP search page ( search by name, IQP number or by system)

Application for registration as an IQP must be made to Timaru District Council. This allows the IQPs to issue Certificates of Compliance for specified systems for building owners, ie complete Form 12As for a Building Warrant of Fitness.

Links for South Island (hosted by Timaru District Council):

Application Form
Complaints form
Complaints Procedure

ICC Compliance Schedule/Specified Systems

All applications submitted after 1 October 2020 should be provided on the ICC compliance schedule and specified system forms.

SBCG 27 Compliance Schedule Specified Systems Form

Specified system form for building consent applications

Specified system form for CCC applications or amended compliance schedules

Form 11. Application for Amendment to Compliance Schedule – November 2020 (dunedin.govt.nz)

Specified system guidance for building consent applications

Specified system guidance for CCC & Amendments