Bus Smart Card

Bus Smart Card cards are convenient and easy to use. Using the card means you do not have to carry cash for bus fares – and that you automatically get a discount on the fares.

WebBus-Smart-CardThe cards work like a phone card in that you can “load” money on to the card to use for bus travel, for example, $20 or $50. When you first get your card tell the operator the sum you want to be loaded.

Bus drivers will also accept cash for fares but you will miss out on the discount.

Super Gold Card holders will also need a Bus Smart Card to receive discounted fares.

Apart from the buses in Invercargill City, you can also use your Bus Smart Card in Dunedin and Queenstown (in conjunction with Go Card).

Bus Smart Card: Terms and Conditions of Use

The following terms and conditions of use accessible via the link below are deemed to be accepted by the recipient upon the issue of the attached BusSmart Card, and by all other users upon the use of the BusSmart Card. These terms and conditions of use may be altered from time to time by the Invercargill City Council.

Website Notice

  • the date of Expiry of existing BusSmart Card is 1 April 2020 – due to the effect of COVID-19 on ICC’s BusSmart Services, bus fares have been free from this date
  • that the BusSmart card are discontinued with effect at Expiry and cannot be used after that date
  • details of how the BusSmart card holders can make a Balance Transfer – Visit Invercargill City Council Customer Service Team and present a new Beecard and your old BusSmart Card to perform a Balance Transfer; and
  • the Transfer Date. (Transfer date is 31/08/2020)

Getting a Bus Smart Card

Get your card from:

  • Invercargill City Council, 101 Esk Street.
  • Bus drivers on all Invercargill suburban runs.

Using your Bus Smart Card

  • Place your card over the reader device in the bus until the transaction is completed.
  • Tell the driver your destination.
  • The trip will be deducted from the value stored on your card, and a receipt will be issued from the electronic ticket machine which will also show the balance remaining on the card.
  • Check that the fare deducted is correct.  If it is not, raise this with the driver before the bus departs.
  • Keep your printed receipt for the entire journey.

What happens if the card doesn’t work?

If your card is declined, you will be required to pay for your travel by cash.  Please see the Terms of Use for what to do about replacing a failed Bus Smart Card.

Reloading your card

Talk to Council staff at 101 Esk Street; pay with cash or by Eftpos ($10 minimum) – or ask the bus driver to “top up” your card (cash only, $10 minimum).

Lost or found cards

If you lose or find a Bus Smart Card contact the Council: phone (03) 211 1777 .

Bee Card

Bee Card coming in 2020.