Caution cards – not tickets – for some infringements

A new caution card system is being introduced by Council’s Compliance department to educate people and reduce the number of certain parking infringements.

Compliance Officers will now issue cards to alert vehicle owners if:

  • Warrant of Fitness (WoF) and/or registration details are not displayed correctly
  • Over-80s or Disability Cards have expired
  • Motorists have parked in an allocated parking area

Kerry Kawe, the Council’s Compliance Team Leader, said the green cards were a cautionary measure designed to educate people.

“The cards will say to people `this is what we’ve picked up and this is what you need to take care of’. For example many people who hold over-80s cards park in the wrong places or their cards have expired. Rather than give them an infringement ticket we will give them a caution card,” he said.

“The most common fault we find is a vehicle’s WoF is current but has not been ‘punched out’ correctly by the service supplier. If a vehicle gets picked up twice, the driver could possibly be issued an infringement notice.”