Chinese Garden development continues

Earlier in 2019 Council committed to commencing construction on the Chinese Garden to an amended design that would fit with the original planned budget, yet also be in keeping with the original design intent. Since this time the Parks and Recreation Team have been busy at work with key elements of the project now either complete or well underway.

The landscaping which includes site contouring, lawn establishment, watercourse construction, plant bed development and path construction is now largely in place with the vegetation becoming established.

The priority has turned to the planning, design and engineering associated with the moongate and cauldron features. The foundations for the moongate are progressing and the large piles for this structure can be seen in the photo. Authentic chinese tiles have been purchased from China for the moongate and are currently in transit.

The cauldron has arrived in Invercargill and the team are very impressed with how authentic it is. It remains in a secure location until it is ready to be placed. The cauldron will be the final feature to be installed before official opening.

The team are still aiming for an end of March 2020 official opening for the Chinese Garden, weather permitting.