Community-driven cycle route trial coming to Deveron Street

The ability to bike to work, the shops or school is about to become easier and safer with the introduction of a temporary cycleway on Deveron Street, as part of the community-partnered Te Waka o Waihopai initiative.

Invercargill City Council Roading Manager Russell Pearson said the temporary cycle route would offer an opportunity for the community to try out a new way of travelling into and through the city without the risk and cost of permanent infrastructure.

The temporary infrastructure to implement the trial will be installed on Sunday, 16 May, and will be removed on Sunday, 13 June.

Road closures will be in place during installation times. “We are seeing a change in the way many people are choosing to commute, live, and play in the city.

Thanks to the funding from Waka Kotahi, we are able to trial community initiatives while those who might not be as enthusiastic about the projects can actually see them and try them out without any long-term commitment or ramifications,” Mr Pearson said.

The short-term project will feature a variety of infrastructure options and community-led “activations” along Deveron Street running from mid-May until mid-June.

“We will be using temporary materials like wooden planter boxes, bright and fun road art, and more traditional road markings to create lanes, while bike racks will also be temporarily installed so people can safely park their bikes while they enjoy their shopping or head to a local café,” Mr Pearson said.

“This approach allows the community to have a go on the new route and provide feedback in real time on what is working and what might need adjusting. This is a different approach to traditional street change consultation but gives people a better feel for how it could work if it was to become a permanent cycle route.”

The findings from the trial will help inform future designs considered by the Council.

“We know that everyone wants to live in a vibrant, safe city that offers people different ways to get around, access our greenspaces and the city centre.

This cycle route trial offers people an alternative way to do this, provide feedback, and help inform future decision-making,” Mr Pearson said.

Businesses along Deveron Street have also played an important part in the community co-design approach, with business owners’ feedback being used to understand how the space can work better for everyone.

A survey will be opened to coincide with the trial to gather feedback on the temporary route.