Community Grants applications close this month

Applications for the first round of Community Grants for this year close on 31 July.

Council may allocate grants to support organisations, projects and activities in the Arts and Culture, Community Development, Environment, Heritage and Sport and Recreation sectors.

The grant allocated by Council can be spent on salaries and administration costs, marketing, equipment hire, project development costs, service delivery costs and other like expenses. Applicants will need to indicate how they plan to spend their grant if successful.

The following factors are used by Council when determining the success of an application:
• Alignment with Council’s vision and priorities.
• Addressing community need or strong community support.
• Clearly defined purpose of the application.
• Demonstration of innovation.
• Clearly defined project – what will be delivered and how.
• Capability, capacity and experience to deliver the project.
• Realistic, evidence-based budget demonstrating good value for public funds.
• Other contributions sought by the applicant and the contribution by the applicant.
• Not solely reliant on Council funding.
• Council will not support ongoing projects unless applicants can demonstrate sound evaluation and development.

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