Community Wellbeing Fund Accountability

To be completed within 2 months of the end date of the activity.

As the Invercargill City Council Community Wellbeing Fund Committee distributes funds on behalf of the community it is important that we are able to ensure accountability for the use of the fund.

Therefore all organisations and groups who receive funding will need to complete this accountability report at the end of their approved activity.

The Community Wellbeing Fund Committee requires the following areas to be covered:

    • The financial costs of the activity, including where appropriate full accounts for the activity.
    • The benefits achieved for Invercargill City and the Invercargill Community, including number of participants.
    • How the funds contributed to the outcomes of the activity.
    • How the outcomes of the activity differed from the original plans that accompanied your initial fund request.

Community Wellbeing Fund Accountability Report

  • Part 1 – Applicant Details

  • Part 2 – Details of the Activity

  • Part 3 – Financial Report

  • You may provide a profit and loss statement for the activity. This is a requirement for activities over $3,000. Your organisation or group may have a bank account statement to show the income and expenditure instead.

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    Max. file size: 100 MB.

    • Please upload supporting documentation below
      ItemAmount ($) 
    • Note: You may be required to provide additional invoices / receipts for this activity if requested by the administrator.
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      Max. file size: 100 MB.

      • ItemEstimated Cost (from application)Actual CostReason/s for difference in amount 
      • ItemEstimated Income (from application)Actual IncomeReason/s for difference in amount 
      • Part 4 – Outcomes

      • Overview of how the activity went and how it did or did not achieve the purpose of your original application. This could include:

        • How many people took part in the activity compared to your original estimate and why?
        • How did the Invercargill community and/or city benefit from the activity. If it there wasn’t a tangible benefit, explain why?
        • The success (or not) of the activity compared to what you had planned for.
        • Any further information you wish to provide.

      • Part 5 – Evidence

      • The committee would appreciate seeing evidence of the activity including but not limited to:

        • Newspaper clippings
        • Web or social media articles and/or reviews
        • Evaluation or survey results
        • Photos of the activity. By sending us these photographs, you agree for them to be used for future promotions of the fund.

      • Drop files here or

        Max. file size: 100 MB.