Community Wellbeing Fund round one allocations

The Community Wellbeing Fund launched December 2020 had a successful first round allocating $132,125 to a diverse selection of community organisations.

The new fund replaces the four previous Invercargill City Council funds; Iconic Events Fund, Development Events Fund, Neighbourhood Fund and the Community Grants Fund.

The total annual fund allocation available is $500,000, with six rounds each year.

This was the first time operating under the new funding model with three community representatives, alongside five Invercargill City Councillors sitting on the assessment committee.

Through a grant scoring system and hearing process, the committee resolved to allocate funds to 17 successful applicants.

Three Bluff projects received funding being the South Sea Spray Motupōhue street art festival, the Bluff 2024 Kiosk Project and the Bluff Hill Motupōhue Pest Control Programme.

Other successful organisations included the Southland Multicultural Council, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Southland Community Nursery.

Community Wellbeing Fund Committee Chair Cr Graham Lewis said he was pleased with the many applications received for projects in and around Invercargill and was able to help the majority of organisations requesting funds.

“This new committee comprises of Councillors and members of public and I thank the committee for their time, for the way in which submitters were listened to, and the decisions made with consideration of the written applications over two days.”

Every applicant had the opportunity to present to the committee during two days of hearings, which the committee found valuable.

“There were also two drop in sessions held at the library to enable information to be given to prospective future applicants. For the collation of the applications, the agenda and dialogue with applicants prior to the meetings, a special thank you to the staff at Council. I know that many hours were spent in preparation,” Cr Lewis said.

The next round of distribution closes 31 March, click here for more information on how to apply.