Stay up-to-date with all things Council with Antenno

Receive notifications direct to your phone on upcoming roadworks, service disruptions, bin days, community events, and more with Antenno.

Antenno is available for free for iPhone and Android devices. Setup is easy and doesn’t require signing-up!


Getting started

  1. Download and install the app from the App Store or Google Play 
  2. Start the app and add your home address to “Your places”.

    Tip: You can add multiple locations to receive area-relevant notifications for. E.g. add your children’s schools, parents house, or your holiday house. 


Frequently asked questions

What is Antenno? 

Antenno is an app which enables users to receive location-relevant communications from councils and other local bodies. 

After installing the app users simply need to enter their address letting the app know the relevant messages they should receive. Once setup, users can control the kinds of notifications they receive. 


What is Antenno available on? 

Antenno is available from the App Store or Google Play. 


Do I have to register to receive notifications? 

No, simply install the app and add an address/location and you will start to receive notifications. 


Can I choose to not receive certain types of notifications? 

Yes, you can choose to not receive certain categories of notifications for each of your addresses, i.e. turn off bin collection reminders for your child’s school area. 

  1. In the Antenno app press the Options button  on the notification you are not interested in receiving 
  2. Select “Options for Category posts” 
  3. Deselect the locations you no longer want to receive this category of notifications for, then press Save.