About Bluff

The Bluff township has a Community Board to help promote and enhance the area for residents and visitors alike. Examples include the Bluff redevelopment project (opened in December 2008) and the Bluff Community Board Bursary.

The 2018 Census put Bluff’s population at 1797.


Bluff Service Station

The Council’s  Bluff Service Centre at 98 Gore Street deals with Council payments as well as Lotto, Post Shop and library services. The Bluff Community Board meetings are held at the Municipal Chamber.


Events calendar

Bluff has its own events calendar which highlights local events ranging  from Sea Scout meetings and weight loss groups to international events such as the Bluff Oyster and Food Festival and the Bluff Hill Climb section of the Burt Munro Challenge.  The latest version is available here:

Bluff Events Calendar – December 2018 to January 2019


Bluff Community Board

The Bluff Community Board are the key connection with the Council for the people of Bluff, representing the views and advocating for the needs of the community.

Bluff Board News – Dec 2019
Bluff Board News – Dec 2018
Bluff Board News – Dec 2017
Bluff Board News – Dec 2016
Bluff  Board News – Dec 2015
Bluff Board News – Dec 2014


What to do and see

Download your very own copy of  Southland on the half shell!  The booklet has got just about everything – including recipes featuring the best delicacy in the world – the scrumptious Bluff oyster.





Sign of the times

The new Stirling Point sign was installed on a stormy evening in November 2018.

The old sign, which was a little the worse for wear, had to be replaced after it was discovered some of the blades were not correctly positioned. It was also an opportunity to update the sign by adding a blade pointing to Invercargill’s sister city Suqian, China.

The new sign was made by local business Bluff Engineering.

Pictured from left are Bluff Community Board Chairman Ray Fife, Invercargill City Council Roading Manager Russell Pearson and Council staff member David McCormick.





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