Funding, awards, grants

The Council is involved – directly or indirectly – with many types of community funding. This page has information about funding, awards and scholarships.


The Council has changed the way it allocates Community Funding. “We are aware that we are not always the best-placed to deliver projects within the community,” Strategy and Policy Manager Melissa Brook said. “Through financial assistance we can assist the wider community to be a catalyst for positive change.”

Community Grants Fund

NOTE: The first round of Community Grants funding closes on 31 July 2019; the second round closes on 31 March 2020. Related links:

Community Grants Policy 2019 (includes grants framework)
Application for Community Grant (print and post) or
Application for Community Grant (electronic)

Neighbourhood Fund

The Neighbourhood Fund will have four funding rounds each year; you are welcome to apply at any time. Related links:

Neighbourhood Fund Framework 2019
Application for Neighbourhood Funding (print and post) or
Application for Neighbourhood Funding (email as an attachment)

Applications can be:

Emailed to:

Posted to:
Invercargill City Council
Community Funding – Attention Melissa Brook
Private Bag 90104
Invercargill   9840

Delivered to:  Helpdesk, Invercargill City Council, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill or  to
Bluff Service Centre, 98 Gore Street, Bluff

Active Communities Funding Scheme

Funding in the form of a grant or loan is available for sport, fitness and active leisure activities. Priority is given to activities that train volunteers and increase participation in activities.

Invercargill Active Communities Grants Allocated 2018 2019

Applications for projects seeking less than $1000 close at noon on the 15th of  each month; applications for projects requesting $1000 or more close at noon on 31 March and 27 September, June 12 and December 13. This scheme is administered  by the Council on behalf of the Invercargill Community Sport and Recreation Charitable Trust.

Projects under $1,000 – 2019-2020
Projects $1,000 and over – 2019-2020
Active Communities Brochure 2018

Active Communities Evaluation and Accountability Report
This form is to be completed following the completion of each project which receives an Active Communities Grant. The information is used to assist the Invercargill City Council, and to help the Assessment Committee plan for future funding.

Active Communities – Evaluation and Accountability Report

Creative Communities Invercargill Funding Scheme

The Creative Communities scheme is for arts and cultural projects and is administered by the Council on behalf of Creative New Zealand.

Closing dates  for the 2019/2020 financial year are:  September 27 2019,  December 13  2019,  March 31 2020 and June 15 2020.

Creative Communities application form
Creative Communities application guide 2019-2020
Project Completion Report – Creative

Council Community Development Manager Mary Napper says: “If you are unsure about whether your project is suitable to apply for either funding programme then please phone me –  (03) 211 1669 – and I can help.”

Creative Communities grants – April 2019

Creative Communities – Evaluation and Accountability Report

Events funding

The Council recognises the positive contribution that events make to the city. As part of its vision to support vibrant and strong communities and contribute to a thriving economy the Council has funding available to support events that have a citywide focus. Visit the Events Funding page for details and forms.


Civic Theatre Artists’ Court Performing Arts Awards

These awards honour Invercargill performers who have achieved  national and international recognition in performing arts. The awards are restricted  to Invercargill performing artists in one or more of these categories: dance, drama, film, music, radio, singing and television.

The successful recipients have their  names engraved on plaques placed in the Civic Theatre Artists’ Court at the east  entrance courtyard of the Civic.

For more information phone Community Development:  (03) 211 1669 .

Civic Honours awards

Any person who has provided meritorious voluntary service in the Invercargill  City District in one or more the recreation, youth activities, social welfare,  education, cultural services, religious affairs or community affairs is eligible if  nominated by any two Invercargill citizens. Recipients of the triennial awards are  honoured at a joint ceremony in which they are presented with a certificate and a  silver civic award pin. The 2016 Awards went to:

  • Marion Miller: New Zealand Order of Merit recipient, Suffrage Medal for Services to Women recipient, Commemorative Medal for Service recipient, Justice of the Peace, Environment Southland Councillor, family and relationship mediator.
  • Karen Purdue: Rotary Board Member.
  • John Husband: Artist, radio announcer, musician, author and former board member of the Southland Museum and Art Gallery.
  • Reginald McLeod: Salvation Army Store and Hospice worker.

For more information email Michelle Chapman, Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive.



The O’Byrne/Jones Memorial Scholarship is for Southland students of piano to pursue advanced studies. The  Alex Lindsay Memorial Scholarship is for Southland students of music wishing to pursue advanced studies (preference for a string player). The next round of funding will open in September 2019.

O’Byrne/Jones Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship of $1,000 is available to students of the piano who want to pursue advanced studies. Southland students or students who have resided in Southland for a substantial period of time and who have attained Grade VIII qualifications are eligible to apply. It is administered by the Invercargill City Council on behalf of the former Southland Community Arts Council. Applications close on Friday 27 September 2019.

O’Byrne / Jones Scholarship application form

Alex Lindsay Memorial Scholarship: The scholarship is open to students  attending a music course at a tertiary level who play the violin or another string instrument or to players of other orchestral instruments who want to pursue advanced studies. Applicants must either currently live in Southland or have resided in Southland for a substantial period of time. Applications close on Friday 27 September 2019.

Alex Lindsay Scholarship application form

Bluff Community Board Bursary

Applications are invited from Bluff residents for the Bluff Community Board Bursary. The Bursary is $2000 per annum for three years for:

  • Candidates enrolled for a full-time course of study at a university or other agreed establishment within New Zealand.
  • Candidates who are making applications for admission to a university or other agreed establishment within
    New Zealand for a full-time course of study in the coming year.

Further information and application forms can be obtained from the Bluff Service Centre Manager with whom applications close on Monday, 21 January 2019.