Invercargill Civic Awards

Do you know a superstar in your community?

Our Invercargill Civic Awards are a way for us to recognise and celebrate the people who make our city an amazing place to live. And we want to hear about anyone you feel is doing good work under the radar around Invercargill and Bluff.

Invercargill City Council awarded 73 civic awards honours between 1984 and 2016. Last year, Councillors initiated its return. The awards will be honorary titles. Individuals, not organisations, are eligible to receive the awards and nominations could be made and seconded by any Invercargill or Bluff residents.

Nominees will be considered by a panel comprising of the Mayor or Deputy Mayor, a Council representative, one Councillor from the Community Wellbeing Committee, a mana whenua representative, and a community representative nominated by the panel.

The 2024 honours will have four categories:

  • Social
    This includes anyone making a difference in our local youth activities, social welfare, educational services, and community affairs.
  • Cultural
    This could be an individual involved in cultural services, religious affairs, and recreation in and around Invercargill and Bluff.
  • Economic
    Think of a person who has had an impact on our local economy, perhaps with enterprising ideas, initiative or a creative solution to an economic challenge in our area.
  • Environmental
    Honouring a person who has taken action to improve our environment here locally for this community and generations to come.


How do I submit a nomination?

Nominations for the awards opened on March 11 and will close on April 12.

Download and complete the nomination form above, and then email your nomination through to

You can also complete and submit an application in person by visiting the Te Hīnaki – Civic Building at 101 Esk St, Invercargill, or the Bluff Service Centre at 98 Gore St, Bluff.