Invercargill Maps

Invercargill Maps is a suite of user-friendly, dynamic maps displaying various Council information and services.

Gallery includes: Aerial Photos 1950s, Aerial Photo and Property Viewer, District Plan – Hazards Information and Planning Maps, Invercargill Cemeteries, Rubbish Collection Days, Sewer, Storm and Water Pipe networks and Topographic Map of New Zealand.

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Invercargill Maps may be unavailable intermittently on Tuesday 21 May for scheduled service maintenance. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Invercargill and Bluff maps

Street maps:  Bluff  | Invercargill CBD and Bluff | North Invercargill | South Invercargill | Otatara

Bus routes: Invercargill city and schools bus routes 

Housing Care Units See also Housing Care overview and application process

Invercargill District

Invercargill District Plan planning, hazard and related

Parking Guide

Parks and Reserves: Queens Park map which highlights the main attractions

Refuse collection. Visit Wastenet’s “My Collection Day” page and enter your address for up-to-date information for YOUR bins


Tourist/visitor maps and guides

Greater Invercargill locator map; includes Bluff

Invercargill Urban Area

Central Invercargill: includes landmarks and parks

Bluff: includes streets and landmarks


Constituency maps

Invercargill District

Bluff Comunity Board

Invercargill Licensing Trust area

Regional Council constituencies

Southern District Health Board


Mapping services

The Council has many generic maps available providing detailed plans of Invercargill and Southland. Maps can also be customised.

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