Consult South

Consult South provides links to public consultation details for the four Southland councils and Venture Southland. Brief details of the consultations will be provided on this page by the individual councils and inquiries should be addressed to them.


ICC consultations

2017 Bylaw Review

Council is consulting on four bylaws. Submissions close on 27 October 2017 and may be made online (see the consultation links) or in writing (address and other details below). Related links:

Bylaw 2008/6 – Water Supply
The Invercargill City Council is reviewing an existing Bylaw to enable it to continue to regulate the terms and conditions for the sale and supply of water through its reticulation network, it also needs to be able to impose restrictions on the supply of water and address breaches where these occur.

Water Supply – Draft Bylaw
Water Supply – Statement of Proposal
Water Supply – online consultation link

Bylaw 2008/3 – Cemeteries and Crematorium
The Invercargill City Council is reviewing an existing Bylaw that addresses the issue of controlling cemeteries within the Invercargill district. Related links:

Cemeteries and Crematorium – Draft Bylaw
Cemeteries and Crematorium – Statement of Proposal
Cemeteries and Crematorium – online consultation link 

Bylaw 2012/1 – Urupa (Maori Burial Site) Te Hau Mutunga
The Invercargill City Council is reviewing an existing Bylaw that addresses the issues associated with regulating the operation of an Urupa (Maori Burial Site) at 118 Mason Road. The Burial and Cremation Act 1964 (Section 16) expressly provides for a local authority to make Bylaws to control cemeteries. Related links:

Urupa – Draft Bylaw
Urupa – Statement of Proposal
Urupa – online consultation site 

Bylaw 2008/1 – Environmental Health
The Invercargill City Council is reviewing an existing Bylaw that addresses issues associated with enhancing the safety and welfare of the public by minimising nuisance and adverse environmental health effects caused to the community, as far as is practicable through legislative means.

Environmental Health – Draft Bylaw
Environmental Health – Statement of Proposal

Environmental Health – online consultation site

1. Statements of Proposal are available online (see links above) or at at the Helpdesk of the Invercargill City Council, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill, at the Bluff Service Centre, and at the Invercargill Public Library.

2. Written submissions must:

  • Be in letter form, clearly showing the submitter’s name, address and contact phone number.
  • Be addressed to the undersigned and clearly labelled SUBMISSION – 2017 Bylaw Review
  • Indicate whether the submitter wishes to be heard by the Council in support of his/her submission.  (Note – the substance of the submission should be in writing.  Verbal presentations should be restricted to around five minutes.)
  • Be received by 5pm on Friday, 27 October 2017.






Environment Southland

Southland Water and Land Plan hearing

Where: Environment Southland Council Chambers, Invercargill

When: Check hearing dates on this ES website page.

Who: Hearing commissioners (Chair Rob van Voorthuysen, Edward Ellison, Councillor Lloyd McCallum, Councillor Eric Roy and Councillor Maurice Rodway)

Why: Following the submission period last year that attracted 900 submissions, the hearing panel is now beginning the process of hearing the 300 submitters who have chosen to speak. The first two days of the hearing will provide an introduction to the plan, an overview and the legal context for the plan. Submitters will then be heard from Wednesday.

Environment Southland website link



Gore District Council

No current consultations





Invercargill City Council

No current consultations





Southland District Council

No current consultations





Venture Southland

No current consultations