Consult South

Consult South provides links to public consultation details for the four Southland councils and Venture Southland. Brief details of the consultations will be provided on this page by the individual councils and inquiries should be addressed to them.


Environment Southland

Coastal Plan Review

A major step in the review of the Regional Coastal Plan for Southland is available for public feedback until Friday, 21 December 2018. A strategic direction document was considered by Environment Southland councillors and   further input is wanted to ensure it provides the right foundation for the Coastal Plan review. The strategic direction is non-regulatory and non-binding, however it is an important step as it provides information and transparency about how Council intends to manage significant issues in the Coastal Marine Area in the future.

Have your say on the strategic direction until 21 December by providing comment online at, via email to or in writing to Private Bag 90116, Invercargill 9840.

Once feedback has been received, the strategic direction document will be revised if required and given to Council for final approval early next year. The next stage will be to work with key stakeholders and partners to develop an initial draft of the Coastal Plan, which the public will then have an opportunity to submit on.



Gore District Council




Invercargill City Council

Smokefree Areas Policy

Council  has reviewed its Smokefree Areas Policy and proposes to continue the Policy without any changes.  Although Council is not proposing to change the Policy, we are interested in your feedback on how effective it has been, if you believe there should be changes to the Policy and if there is an appetite in the community to extend the areas covered by the Policy.

Related documents:

Smokefree Areas Policy – consultation document
Current policy
Smokefree Areas – submission form

Submissions close on 7 December 2018 and can be posted to:

Submission – Smokefree Areas Policy
Invercargill City Council
Private Bag 90104
Invercargill 9840

Or emailed to:

Local Government Funding Agency

The Invercargill City Council proposes to join the Local Government Funding Agency Ltd (LGFA) scheme as a Guaranteeing Local Authority.

The motivation behind the proposal is cost savings. Council considers that participating in the LGFA scheme provides an opportunity to borrow at lower interest margins and that this benefit outweighs any costs and risks associated with the LGFA scheme. Through joining the scheme as a Guaranteeing Local Authority the Council anticipates interest savings of $4,000 or 0.4% for every $1 million of debt. At our peak debt levels forecast by the Long-term Plan, this will equal approximately $528,000 each year.

Although Council is not proposing to acquire shares in the LGFA, borrowing under the LGFA scheme will require it to acquire some capital notes issued by the LGFA that could, in some circumstances, be converted into shares in the LGFA. The Local Government Act requires that before Council can become a shareholder in a council-controlled organisation it must undertake consultation.

Related documents:

Proposal to join the Local Government Funding Agency scheme
Submission form

You can provide your feedback by completing the submission form (see link above) or writing to:

Submission – LGFA
Invercargill City Council
Private Bag 90104
Invercargill 9840

or by emailing:

Submissions close on 23 November 2018.


Omaui Reserve easement

The Invercargill City Council intends to grant an easement over Omaui Reserve to formalise the current access way in use by the property at 182 Mokomoko Road, Omaui.

The easement has been drafted without an explicit restriction on public access. The property at 182 Mokomoko Road has a driveway and shed that currently extend into the Omaui Reserve, which is why an easement is necessary. As this has the effect of restricting public access to a reserve, which as a reserve should have public access, it is important to ask for public feedback on the proposal. Related documents:

Omaui consultation document 2018
Public Notice
Submission form

NOTE: Submissions close at 4pm on Friday, 30 November 2018.



Southland District Council




Venture Southland