Cost breakdown for Christmas lights

Invercargill City Council Chief Executive Richard King this afternoon released a breakdown of costs around the city’s new Christmas lights and decorations.

The breakdown shows that approximately half the cost of the $249,000 project for Invercargill City’s new Christmas lights and decorations will be incurred in installation expenses, a portion of which will be one-off costs in providing electrical connections to poles and trees.

Decorations, including lights will cost $119,600, while installation will cost $129,185.

The project will deliver:

  • Lights, LED banners and tree lights in Tay and Dee Streets
  • LED banner lights and tree lights in Esk Street
  • Flags in Kelvin and Don Streets
  • A 10 metre illuminated tree, other lights and a decorative Christmas feature in Wachner Place
  • Decorated trees in the Bluff, Windsor, South City and Glengarry communities, plus in the Public Library.

The detailed breakdown of costs is:

  Installation Decorations
Tay, Dee, Esk decorations            $30,600            $60,000
Streetlight pole (electrical connections)            $31,725            $15,750
Christmas trees            $41,260            $17,750
Street trees (including $5,000 in Queens Park)              $6,600            $17,000
Wachner Place              $4,000              $9,100
Contingency            $15,000                     $0
TOTAL          $129,185          $119,600

Mr King said that a New Zealand-based supplier of Chinese made decorative lighting (Flexilight NZ Limited) had been to Invercargill and had provided a quote to supply lighting that would comply with New Zealand regulations.