Council Adopts Long-Term Plan Consultation Document

Council’s Long-Term Plan (LTP) 2018-2028 Consultation Document has been adopted during an extraordinary Council meeting yesterday.

The LTP sets out Council’s vision and examines the projects and services the Council will deliver for the next 10 years, with the Consultation Document covering the key issues.

Submissions on the LTP will be open from 12 March until 20 April, and Consultation Documents will be delivered to every household in Invercargill and Bluff between 20 March and 27 March.

Council’s Policy and Strategy Manager Melissa Short said there were some key projects people needed to be aware of in the Document, and a projected rates increase of 3.96% for 2018/2019.

The 2018-2028 LTP and its consultation document includes proposals and options for five key projects which are: the future of Anderson House, a potential new Arts Centre, the Living Dinosaurs project, developing an alternative water supply, and an additional pool for Splash Palace.

Council also wants to hear from the community about whether funding should be increased for ILT Stadium Southland from $400,000 per year to $700,000 per year, Ms Short said.

“Council recognises the community’s priorities include expecting council to maintain infrastructure and the high quality of community facilities and services, ensuring the environment is protected, sustaining business and our social fabric in Invercargill, and recognising the importance of rates affordability.”

With these community expectations in mind, Council had endeavoured to create an LTP that met the priorities of the community and balanced them, Ms Short said.

The Consultation Document, submission form and supporting documents will be available on Council’s website, from 12 March.

Hard copies will be made available at the Bluff Service Centre, Invercargill Public Library and the Civic Administration Building Help Desk from 20 March.

Ms Short said the hard copies of the Consultation Document would include submission forms.

“You can make a submission on the Consultation Document or the supporting strategies and plans by using the submission form contained within the Consultation Document.”

“If you have a different option for any of the issues that you think the Council should consider, please tell us,” Ms Short said.

People will also be able to make a submission through or Council’s website.

People can return their submission by delivering them to the Civic Administration Building, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill, by emailing to or by posting to Submission LTP, Invercargill City Council, Private Bag 90104, Invercargill 9840.