Council consults over District Plan Variations

The Invercargill City Council added another proposed change to its new District Plan, now totalling eight proposed changes, known as ‘Variations’.

Full details of the proposed changes are available on the Council website and hard copies are available at the Civic Administration Building, Bluff Service Centre, and the Invercargill Public Library.

Background: Variation 8

The Residential 3 (Large Lot) Zone is a zone that was introduced through the Proposed District Plan and has not yet come into effect. This zone covers areas around Retreat Road / Bainfield Road and Oteramika Road / Rockdale Road. Provisions in this zone permit residential development on properties down to 2,000 sq m.

Variation 8 proposes to reduce the size of the Residential 3 Zone and rezone some land as Rural 2 (Rural Transition Zone). The changes proposed also alter a number of provisions to make it more difficult to develop on properties below 2,000 sq m in the Residential 3 Zone, and to clarify the proposed approach to services within this Zone.

The closing date for submissions on the latest Variation is Friday, 18 December 2015 (submissions on Variations 1 – 7 close on Friday, 27 November). For more information on the Proposed District Plan, and the eight Variations, visit this page.