Council launches new mapping tools

The Invercargill City Council has launched a new maps website, providing access to both essential and interesting information for the public, contractors, and consultants.

The new online map gallery, Invercargill Maps, provides a suite of user-friendly and dynamic maps, with information sourced directly from various databases and online map services.

Council GIS Co-ordinator David Whelan said many people may enjoy checking out the 1950s aerial map, which shows what our city looked like from above more than half a century ago, while they should find the Rubbish Collection day maps and Invercargill cemeteries tools useful.

The aerial map which shows a more recent version of our city (with images taken in 2016), includes measuring and drawing tools, as well as a direct link to property rates information, Mr Whelan said.

Council Senior Policy Planner Liz Devery said the District Planning Maps and District Hazard Information Maps, based on the District Plan, should be particularly useful for survey and planning consultants.

Council Asset Analyst Michael Swanson said maps showing the city’s sewer, stormwater, and water pipe networks may be of benefit to contractors needing to confirm locations of valves and manholes, or consultants checking depths and distances of services when planning for developments.

Home owners may find these maps helpful when looking for water toby and pipe connection information, Mr Swanson said.

It is hoped that contractors, including those who may be interested in submitting tender applications to Council, will be able to utilise the new tools to assist in their planning and works.

The new Invercargill Maps website can be accessed via Council’s homepage at Invercargill Maps  or by visiting