Councillors elected for Invercargill City Council

Invercargill city has elected its new Councillors for the next triennium.

Polls closed at midday today in the local body elections across Aotearoa.

Progress results delivered to Invercargill City Council today show sitting councillors Nigel Skelt, Darren Ludlow, Ian Pottinger and Allan Arnold will remain on council.

They will be joined by new Councillors Tom Campbell and Grant Dermody.

Progress results include all votes cast up to late Friday, however, it does not include votes cast late on Friday or on Saturday, and does not include special votes.

Invercargill City Council Deputy Electoral Officer and Manager Governance and Legal Michael Morris said with 2104 ordinary votes and a number of special votes still to be counted, some candidates were too close to call at this stage.

Those candidates are Ria Bond, Trish Boyle, Lesley Soper, Peter Kett, Alex Crackett, Graham Lewis, Barry Stewart, Terry King, Kerry Hapuku, Rebecca Amundsen, Lisa Tou-McNaughton and Rick Murrell.

Sir Tim Shadbolt will not be returned as Mayor or Councillor.

Preliminary results are expected on Sunday morning and will include 2104 votes that were cast late on Friday and on Saturday, but not special votes.

“Our preliminary results should provide a clearer picture but it’s likely it won’t be confirmed until our final results are provided in the coming days, after special votes have been counted.”

The Bluff Community Board results show, at this stage, that the members Tammi Topi and Ray Fife will be returned, and joined by new members Justin Sutherland, Terina Stockwell and Sam Graham. These results are subject to change after further votes are counted.

The Invercargill Licensing Trust results are also subject to change after further votes are counted.

Morris said he was pleased with the turnout and the interest the community had in this election.

“We have a passionate and vocal community who were also motivated to cast their vote and help guide the city through the next three years,” he said.

Progress Results

Council – At Large (12 vacancies)

SKELT, Nigel Dean 7,366
CAMPBELL, Tom 7,363
LUDLOW, Darren 6,989
DERMODY, Grant 6,822
POTTINGER, Ian 6,812
ARNOLD, Allan 6,706
BOND, Ria Independent 6,238
BOYLE, Trish 5,929
SOPER, Lesley 5,794
KETT, Peter Warren 5,681
CRACKETT, Alex 5,675
LEWIS, Graham 5,578

STEWART, Barry 5,575
KING, Terry 5,448
HAPUKU, Kerry 4,960
AMUNDSEN, Rebecca 4,872
MURRELL, Rick 4,172
BROWN, Kevin 3,962
MULROONEY, Kevin 3,845
HERMAN, Karl LETS GO Invercargill 3,756
POTTINGER, David 3,641
SMITH, Bevan 3,565
MARSHALL, Peter 3,400
GRABER, Kari 3,136
SHADBOLT, Tim 2,928
ALLEN, Dene 2,910
LOAN, Malcolm 2,802
MORTON, Tom D 2,249
EDWARDS, Ian 2,199
KNOWLES, Francine 2,187
LOUDON, Dave 1,266
PETERSON, Noel James 1,210
BLACKBURN, Eddie 1,037


Bluff Community Board (5 vacancies)
TOPI, Tammi 624
SUTHERLAND, Justin 545
FIFE, Ray 487
STOCKWELL, Terina 466
GRAHAM, Sam 251

TORETTO, Monica 161
BAILEY, Rach 106
FERNANDEZ, Miguel 57
JARVIS, Marc 56
MOORE, Lyn New Nation Party 32


Invercargill Licensing Trust (6 vacancies)
O’BRIEN, Paddy 9,713
PRENTICE, Suzanne 8,443
NEWELL, Angela 6,679
HAWKES (HAWKSY), Graham 5,330
BELLEW, Sean 5,074
CAREY, Sheree 4,718

MCDONALD, Reece 4,677
EVANS, Louise 4,620
DIACK, Kirsten 3,779
BILLCLIFF, Mark 2,953
SANFORD, Mike Mike & About 2,128
LOWE, Nigel 1,803