Curran Road closure

A road closure is scheduled for Curran Road on 10-11 July 2017 to enable a culvert pipe to be replaced between 203-209 Curran Road. The closure means the work will be completed with less disruption and fewer delays compared with other traffic management options.

Access into Curran Road will be permitted for residents only. Note that there is no thoroughfare between 203-209 Curran Road on 10-11 July. Residents who live south of 203 Curran Road and on Longford Road can only access their properties off Dunns Road; residents north of 209 Curran Road can only access their properties off Otatara Road (see map of the affected area).

The Council apologises for the inconvenience this may cause and thanks you for your co-operation.

If you have enquiries, contact Contracts Manager Robert Slater on  (03) 211 1777 during office hours or email