District Plan – Operative 2005

NOTE:  All provisions of the District Plan 2005 have now been superseded by the 2019 District Plan. Please refer to the District Plan for the current planning Objectives, Policies and Rules for the Invercargill City District.

District Plan 2005

The 2005 District Plan has been broken up as follows to ease downloading:

2005 Plan Statement

Sections 1 to 9

Section 1 – Background and philosophy of the District Plan
Section 2 – The identification of significant Resource Management issues
Section 3 – Objectives and Policies
Section 4 – Methods of Implementation – including rules and environmental standards
Section 5 – Anticipated environmental results
Section 6 – Cross boundary issues
Section 7 – Monitoring and review
Section 8 – Definitions
Section 9A – Appendices I and II
Section 9B – Appendices III to IX

District Plan maps

Index map

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