District Plan time extension

The Council has agreed to a further extension of time until 1 November 2016 for the release of decisions on submissions about the Proposed Invercargill City District Plan.

The District Plan Committee has heard all submissions and further submissions on the Proposed District Plan, including the eight Variations, and is currently finalising decisions and incorporating them into the Proposed District Plan and the Planning Maps.

Council’s Senior Policy Planner, Liz Devery, said Council staff and the Committee were doing all they could to get decisions released as early as possible, however matters outside of anyone’s control had slowed progress.

“If possible, decisions will be released earlier; however the start of November is now the official cut-off date. We are fully aware that this may be an inconvenience to the community but all efforts are being made to release the decisions as soon as possible,” Mrs Devery said.

The Resource Management Act 1991 requires decisions on District Plans to be released no longer than two years from the date that the Plan was publicly notified. Two extensions of time have been approved by Council in the past, with the previous deadline set at 30 August 2016. Unfortunately, the release of decisions before that date is not looking possible. On 5 August 2016 the Council approved a further extension of time pursuant to Sections 37 and 37A of the Resource Management Act 1991. The new deadline timeframe of 1 November 2016 has been set.

  • For more information about the Proposed District Plan and the eight Variations, and updates, visit the Council’s website. All submitters and further submitters will be notified directly.