Dog attack puts driver in hospital

The Invercargill City Council will consider prosecuting the owners of a dog that attacked a courier driver on Monday (January 19)  leaving him in hospital awaiting surgery.

Council Environmental Health and Compliance Manager John Youngson said the Post Haste driver was delivering a package to a property on Anglem Street when mastiff-cross dog was reported to have jumped out of an open window and attacked the driver, latching on to his arm.

When Animal Control Officers and police visited the owners they found the owners had the dog put down on Monday.

“This does not negate the consequences however as it’s an unacceptable dog attack,” Mr Youngson said. “Council’s policy for all dog attacks is that we must consider legal action against the owners of the dog.”

The address had been visited before after complaints about barking dogs. Mr Youngson said the number of dangerous dog reports had increased.