Heritage EQUIP


Heritage EQUIP is a central government programme that provides funding support to private owners of earthquake-prone heritage buildings.  Heritage EQUIP has recently offered extra support to regional projects, as they recognize that these projects have a more difficult cost-benefit balance.  This extra support is available to centres in regional New Zealand that are medium or high seismic risk areas (such as Invercargill). 

Who can apply?

Any private owner of a property that has recognized heritage value (either Heritage New Zealand Category 1 or 2 or identified as ‘Locally Significant’ on our District Plan) that has been determined by Council to be earthquake-prone.

Types of Funding & Criteria

Heritage EQUIP offers two types of grants, as well as an option for owners to join a Multiple-Building Application.  The two grants are available to owners of Heritage New Zealand Category 1 and 2 listed buildings, whereas owners of heritage buildings identified as ‘Locally Significant’ on our District Plan can only apply for the Upgrade Works Grant (unless they join a Multiple Building Application).

Professional Advice Grant

Funds may be awarded for up to 50% of costs associated with seismic reports to a maximum of $50,000.

Good advice means more options for you as a building owner, and often leads to lower upgrade costs overall.  The advice can include investigative reports, detailed seismic assessments, conservation and architectural plans, and structural engineering plans.

Upgrade Works Grant

Funds may be awarded for up to 67% of the seismic strengthening costs to bring a building up to 34% NBS to a maximum of $400,000.

Multiple Building Application

The costs of advice and strengthening works can be reduced if buildings are addressed together.  Proposals for multiple buildings in Invercargill are eligible to receive funding up to 67% of both Professional Advice Grants and Upgrade Works Grants.  Professional Advice Grants may be awarded up to $30,000 per building, and Upgrade Works Grants up to $250,000 per building.

This application type requires a Heritage New Zealand Category 1 or 2 building to act as an anchor; it is therefore particularly beneficial to owners of heritage buildings listed as ‘Locally Significant’ on our District Plan, as it allows them access to Professional Advice Grants that they could otherwise not be eligible for.

The applicant’s strengthening project must improve the earthquake resistant capacity of the building, or part of the building, so that it is no longer considered earthquake-prone.  That means the planned work must strengthen the building to at least 34% NBS.

To apply for an Upgrade Works Grant, applicants must have all council consents and permissions in place – this includes having building consent.

Heritage EQUIP will not consider applications for work that has already started.

How and when to apply?

Download an application form HERE and submit it electronically to heritage.equip@mch.govt.nz.

You can apply at any time, but the advisory panels only meets three times a year to assess applications.

If you have any questions regarding planning and managing your project please contact Heritage EQUIP at heritage.equip@mch.govt.nz or 04 499 4229.