Heritage EQUIP

Heritage EQUIP provides funding support to owners of earthquake-prone heritage buildings.

To be considered for a grant at Heritage EQUIP’s next assessment meeting, you must submit an application before 22 March 2019. The funding rounds occur every four months.

There are two categories of grants

  • Grants for smaller projects focus on looking at specific building parts or retrofit solutions. Up to 50% of seismic strengthening costs may be provided, up to a maximum of $25,000.
  • If you plan major work, you can also apply for a major works grant of up to 50% of seismic strengthening. There is no upper limit to funding for these applications.


To be eligible for funding, the following criteria must be met:
  • The building must be privately owned, and the applicant must be the owner, or provide evidence that they have the authority to submit the application.
  • The building must have heritage value, and be a Category I or Category II historic place under the Heritage NZ Pouhere Taonga Act. Consideration for funding may also be given to buildings which are protected in the Invercargill City District Plan, although these applications would need to include an independent verification of the building’s heritage values.
  • The planned work must strengthen the building to at least 34% of the new building standards
  • All consents required for the work must have been applied for and granted, including building and resource consents.

NOTE: Guidance on making an application can be found on the Heritage EQUIP website.