Election candidates and profiles

Candidates for the Invercargill, Bluff and Invercargill Licensing Trust  elections are listed on this page. Nominations for the 2016 Local Authority Elections closed at noon on on  Friday, 12 August 2016.

NOTE: Click the candidates’ names for the profile information as supplied.



(1 vacancy – 3 nominations received)

ARNOLD, Karen Frances
Nominated by Mary Winifred McKillop and Mary Teresa Race

CONROY, Thomas Brian
Nominated by Lindsay Allan Dow and Mark Patrick O’Connor

SHADBOLT, Timothy Richard
Nominated by Jane Louise Stanton and David John Lilley


Invercargill City Council

(12 vacancies – 33 nominations received)

ABBOTT, Lindsay
Nominated by Graeme Anthony Hyde and Ailsa Violet Forrest

AMUNDSEN, Rebecca Rae
Nominated by Patricia MacKenzie Boyle and Judith Margaret Lange

ARNOLD, Allan James
Nominated by Stuart Hutson Polley and Wayne Douglas Hill

ARNOLD, Karen Frances
Nominated by Mary Winifred McKillop and Mary Teresa Race

BIDDLE, Toni Marie
Nominated by Richard Victor Piper and Karen Rose Purdue

BONIFACE, Neil Douglas
Nominated by Ian Frank Capitaneas and William John Sands

CHERNISHOV, Stephen John
Nominated by Vaughan Leyson Ujdur and Robert John Simpson

CHERRINGTON, Christian Anne
Nominated by Huhana Pokiri Morgan and Sean Martin George Woodward

CRACKETT, Alex Holly
Nominated by Carla Ann Forbes and Sean Peter Bellew

DOW, Lindsay Allan
Nominated by Iris Dorothy Robinson and Clayton John Riley

ESLER, Irwin Lloyd
Nominated by Gregory Francis Warden and Rosanne Wybrow

FOWLER, Helen Kylie
Nominated by Marion Grace Miller and Linda Joyce Bell

FRASER, Brent Thomas
Nominated by Francis Paul Colvin and William Stuart Clark

HALLIGAN, Rosemarie Therese
Nominated by Sharon Anne Hamilton and Karen Michele Keen

HEENAN, Carl Edward
Nominated by Alister Edward Theadore Webb and Kenneth Richard Gollan

KENNEDY, David John
Nominated by Robert John Simpson and Rochelle Monique Surendran

KETT, Peter Warren
Nominated by Kevin Francis Laidlaw and Colin George Maynard

LEWIS, Graham David
Nominated by Colin Jarvis Jenkins and Gillian Burns Watson

LEYS, Andrew David
Nominated by Diane Heather Payne and Norma Margaret Hore

LUDLOW, Darren James
Nominated by Michael Richard Skerrett and Anne Elizabeth McCracken

McEWAN, Wayne Douglas
Nominated by Julie Anne Taylor and Brian Alexander Ward

PLEASANCE, Shane Edward
Nominated by Deborah Adam and Nicola Jane Blair

Nominated by Diane Lorraine Wilson and Timothy Patrick Ward

ROHAN, David Patrick
Nominated by Patricia Anne Margaret Cheyne and Lawrence Anthony Rohan

SANFORD, Michael Keith
Nominated by Chelsea Alyse Young and Paul Grieve Clark

SOPER, Lesley Frances
Nominated by Thelma Joyce Buck, Geoffrey Thomson Piercy, Suzanne Lena Prentice, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Desmond George Collins and Neil Francis Tapper

SURENDRAN, Rochelle Monique
Nominated by David John Kennedy and Steven Christopher Nally

SYCAMORE, Graham John
Nominated by Russell James McNeill and Joan Valmai Dallard

THOMAS, Lindsay Stewart
Nominated by Gregor James Finn and Lois Katherine Conway

THOMAS, Neil Leonard
Nominated by Paul Gordon McKinlay and Michael Anthony Whibley

THWAITES, Regan Joseph
Nominated by Adrian Glen Barclay and Wayne Douglas Hill

TRIBE, Rodney Louis
Nominated by Robert James Davis and Allan Rex Ladbrook

TURNBULL, Michael Jonathan
Nominated by Philip John Paul Prendergast and Norman James Elder


Invercargill Licensing Trust

(6 vacancies – 9 nominations received)

BELLEW, Sean Peter
Nominated by Raymond Aubrey Ian Harper and Peter James Sutton

DENNIS, Alan Geoffrey Nominated by Raymond Aubrey Ian Harper and Nigel Dean Skelt

DOWLING, Thomas Edwin
Nominated by Avinash Jacob Varghese and Murray Ronald Sim

HEENAN, Carl Edward
Nominated by Alister Edward Theadore Webb and Kenneth Richard Gollan

MIKA, Michael Alaifatu
Nominated by Lisa Essetera Tou and Sean Martin George Woodward

NEWELL, Angela Mary
Nominated by Claire Marie Lenihan and Jade Arana Gillies

O’BRIEN, Patric Denis
Nominated by Neil Boyd Lewis and Donald Sydney Radka

Nominated by Michael Richard Skerrett and Patricia MacKenzie Boyle

YOUNG, John Norman Philip
Nominated by Norman James Elder and Fergus Charles Denis More


Bluff Community Board

(5 vacancies – 5 nominations received)

FIFE, Raymond Joseph Carroll
Nominated by Ian Harold Holland and Terry Allan Osborne

GLASSEY, Wyma Elizabeth
Nominated by Jayne Margaret Sutherland and Astrid Christine Brocklehurst

HENDERSON, Gloria Violet
Nominated by Catherine May Culling and Lorraine Elma Bowen

LAIDLAW, Graham Andrew
Nominated by Debra Ann Steele and Gregory Gordon Low

YOUNG, Patricia Anne
Nominated by Kerri Moana Mason and Errol James Ryan


Bluff Community Pool Trust Board

(5 vacancies – 3 nominations received)

COOPER, Angela Janice
Nominated by Tanya Colleen May Davis and Sandra Lynn Johnson

JOHNSON, Sandra Lynn
Nominated by Kristina Faith Moore and Peter Kevin Fincher

MORRIS, Anthony Craig
Nominated by Kristina Faith Moore and Gregor Dickson McGregor


NOTE: For more information visit the Elections section of the Invercargill City Council website, the Local Government NZ website, or contact Electoral Officer Graham Low at the Council on (03) 211 1777.